Game of Thrones Tours around the world

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      Hi fraore 1, wow I'm jealous. Irleand is great!
      I have been there in summer 2014 (When Germany won the world cup!)
      The studios are located in Belfast, just behind the Titanic museum, the aerea of the former shipyard.
      But no studio tour was offerd at that time. Photography from outside was prohibited.

      I'm sure you already have found the locations map rom the Irish tourist information?
      They offer an map wich indicates some locations of the series (the Riverlands, the North, coast of dragonstone even Hardhome).
      As long as You have no problems with driving a car on the "wrong side" of the street You should go there!!!!!!
      Please make sure to visit Dublin AND Galway too!!!! Great places to have party!!
      Enjoy the music in the pubs, the beer and the whisky. Have fun!
      Respice post te, hominem te esse memento!